Safe Learning Environment

At Neev Academy, a safe learning environment is paramount and cannot be compromised. It is not only designed to ensure student’s physical safety but also provides an environment where children can learn, explore and feel emotionally safe and secure.

The environment for learning in today’s world is experiencing unusual stress and we believe physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being/safety of the children is important for a sustainable society. By adopting stringent safety policies and zero-tolerance towards all forms of abuse( bullying, verbal, physical, social, emotional and intellectual), Neev Academy promotes a positive vibe where healthy minds thrive.

Our school environment promotes learning in all areas to grow and develop happy and healthy individuals.

Physical & Emotional Social Intellectual
Being passionate, well rounded learners who make strong choices Building strong personal relationships, being easy to access, sharing knowledge Developing interests and knowledge, setting challenging goals, and persevering
Choosing to be physically fit, working towards excellence in sports Developing individual ability while contributing to building a stronger team Knowing and understanding the world, where it comes from & where it is going
Creating room for play Respecting history, culture, heritage and diversity Being environmentally conscious, take actions to positively impact the environment
Showing responsibility and independence in action, skills and thought Valuing and developing communication skills through everything Making thinking and learning visible for creating greater understanding
Recognizing multilingualism as a route to intercultural understanding Studying news & views to develop knowledge with perspective
Valuing the world as the broadest context for learning