From reading rich literary content apropos to their interests to fabricating articles and stories of their own, the whole school community reap the advantages of our publications at Neev. Our school newsletter, Neev Times, provides the students with opportunities to express themselves in a supportive environment while encouraging their peers to do the same. On our website neevbooks.org, are our carefully curated selection of literary pieces which serve to entertain and impart knowledge to students and parents alike. Our annual Lit Fest houses hundreds of books on sale for our students as well as the public and hosts renowned authors who share insights on literature during their panels. The 2 day event involves the teachers and students in an exciting preparation towards the festival, exposing the students to new literary devices to hone in on their skills. 

At Neev, we impress upon the importance of Publications in the daily lives of students for an all-round development both creatively and intellectually. 

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