MUN, the Model United Nations, is a great platform for young and impressionable minds to manifest their leadership potentials and evolve as competent thinkers and orators. Students at Neev Academy are already taking great interest in MUN and it gives us great joy to be able to expose them to bigger opportunities to assess their self worth.

MUN is the simulation of the United Nations at Neev Academy. It is offered as an after-school activity and is organised by the MUN at Neev team. The team consists of teachers who supervise the activity and students from Grade 7 onwards.

The broad aim of the activity is to help students develop into knowledgeable, open-minded and courageous individuals, with a keen sense for analysing problems and logical thinking. The activity focuses on building skills, such as research and knowledge, writing and speaking, conflict resolution and problem-solving.

At Neev, we believe that MUN helps in mentoring and consistent skill building where new students are nurtured by more experienced students. Skills are built through support from peers and teachers, and workshops organised within school by internal or external facilitators. Students’ performance is continuous and evaluated against rubrics consisting of several strands, followed by feedbacks.