Learning Support

Neev School ‘s LS supports and reflects the school’s core belief and the IB’s mission of encouraging every student, irrespective of capability, ability, country of origin, economic status, sex or religion, to become active, compassionate, life-long learners. Students understand their differences and respect those in others. It aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers.

Students of all ages come to school with combinations of unique and shared patterns of values, knowledge and experience of the world and their place in it.

We recognize that each student is unique with individual needs. We aim to provide support for students with specific learning difficulties or learning differences to help them succeed in Neev’s positive and respectful environment.

The Learning support team will work closely with the teaching faculty to ensure timely identification and intervention for the students enrolled, to enable them to work at their optimal potential. The learning support team will also include counselling and ESL specialists to ensure a holistic approach to intervention, thereby taking care of all core and related concerns.

It is clearly stated that the Learning support services is limited to academic areas. Students with mild to moderate learning difficulties would be considered for admission. To support the interventions and modifications being extended within the school, the students may be required to avail specialized therapies from external sources. The Learning Support services at Neev are limited. This may not be the appropriate environment for students with moderate to severe learning or behavioural needs.

Roles and Responsibilities

The LS student is first the student of the class. The class and subject teachers take the responsibility for the support and the direct Instruction and teaching for the student. The modifications and accommodations required to make this an effective environment for the student, will be supported by the LS teacher.

The LS teacher carries out the informal assessments to create the IEP to ensure the student receives the maximum inputs from the mainstream class environment. The IEP would specify the qualitative and quantitative support extended by the Learning Support. The LS teachers would monitor progress independent of the class assessments to ensure optimum output that is closest to the student’s potential.

The parents of student will meet with the Learning Support team and the class teachers at regular pre-scheduled meetings to support and contribute to the Learning Support program and also to assess the outcome and progress of the plan already in place. The parents would support the team by providing the external assessment reports when required. They would also ensure that specialized therapy is provided for the LS student through external sources, should the LS team request it, or the formal assessment, should that be suggest.

The Management will support Learning Support program to allow the space and time to conduct multidisciplinary meetings that would enable the coordinated functioning of the different groups, contributing to the development of the student, to work together. The parents and teachers and the Learning Support team would meet on regular, pre-scheduled days to plan and assess progress. There would be times when external facilitators would need to be a part of the meeting to contribute to the planning. The LS coordinator would plan the meeting accordingly.

Admission Criteria 

The Admission policy at Neev Academy clearly states the criteria for admission to the school. It also clearly states from the start, with fairness to the student, that it may not be able to meet all special needs. At times it would be the severity of the disorder that would be the basis for non-admittance to the school. At others, the admission may be refused so to continue to maintain a healthy balance of typical and atypical students in a grade, for maximum benefit for all.

The admission department would need to consult with the LS coordinator before accepting children with known LS, into the academic program. Parents are required to share all relevant information regarding their child’s educational needs and medical history at the time of applying for admission. All diagnostic and assessment reports would need to be submitted along with the application form. The psycho-educational assessments submitted would need to have been by a licensed educational psychologist done within the last two years. The school team would review each individual with special educational needs on an individual basis at the time of application.

The review will look at the resources the student will require in terms of human resources, financial, material and space resources as well as the parental commitment to supporting their child’s educational program at home and school. Parents are required to clearly communicate previously identified special needs or the support the student has received in the previous school. Parents of students admitted to Neev would be expected to commit to providing any extra support that is asked of them to support the plan for the student. This extra support may be in the form of therapies from external professionals, such as Occupational Therapy or Speech therapy, to name a few. Or the support may be in the form of educational support or a combination of both, educational and specialized therapy.

If at a later time it is found that previously diagnosed condition was not disclosed by the parents, the school is at the liberty to ask the parents to withdraw their child from school. The decision would be at the discretion of the school head. To enable the school to provide the best for the student’s educational needs, full parental cooperation would be required.

All students applying to Neev for admission are engaged in a formal interactive and written assessment session. The outcome of this session determines the admission of the student in the age-appropriate class. A student with identified and diagnosed SEN needs would share the diagnostic reports with the Learning Support team at the time of assessment. The LS team would, in addition to the admission team’s interaction session, conduct an informal assessment. This assessment would determine the level of intervention required to support the student in the inclusive environment of Neev Academy. Admission would be given based on the outcome of all the assessments carried out.

Who can be admitted 

The environment and curriculum at Neev Academy would need to support the student with exceptional needs and also be beneficial to the student. There would be no discrimination against any disability. However, the degree and severity of the disability will determine if the environment would be best suited for the student. The environment is inclusive of the physical structure, the curriculum outcomes and the individuals who support the system.

Our Learning Support Team  

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