At Neev, we believe that every child has an intrinsic curiosity about the natural and scientific world around them. Eureka is an initiative to provide a platform for the students to nurture their inquiring spirit, hone their skills and share their discoveries and theories.

“Learning by doing”is a motto we follow at Eureka. Like the great inventor Daedalus we provide children with wings that they would require to fly through self-selected learning opportunities. The children embody the true meaning of self-directed learning as they equip themselves with the knowledge to leverage scientific inquiry techniques and gain valuable on field experience through the multiple attempts in reaching their goal. Children as part of their exercise demonstrate their ideas by performing series of experiments and generate data, learning to research and partake theoretical study, and making working models.

A well-prepared plan is a job half done”. We at Neev start the preparation months in advance to ensure smooth functioning of the fair. We encourage the children from grades 6 – 11 to come up with their own hypothesis/research idea. The mentors at school then have one on one session to guide them in bringing about their ideas to fruition.

A curious mind is a scientist’s workshop”. Our motive is to incite curiosity in a child and flare up his imagination thereby unlocking untapped reserves of ideas that may drive the future of science. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their projects and are completely driven by them with periodic guidance from the mentors. Success and failure teach the children that the highs of success and that heartbreak of failure are not end of the world thereby instilling the need to develop the ability to face failures with resilience and fortitude. This ensures an all-round learning for the children including but not limited to scientific knowledge as well as life lessons enabling them to be responsible citizens of the future.