In addition to outstanding academics, we know students need a wide range of opportunities to challenge them in the creative arts, sports as well as community service for understanding the significance and spirit of citizenship. 

At Neev, academic pressure gives way to true intellectual stimulation. Competition becomes collaboration. Teachers become mentors and friends. By participating in activities that are individual, small group, whole class or whole school projects and events, by attending multiple guest lectures and expert visits, thorough field trips and excursions outside the campus and sometimes overnight, they uncover hidden talents and discover new passions.

During a typical day at Neev Academy, a student goes through various ways of developing his/her cognitive and social skills. There are lessons and discussions that are held in the classrooms, laboratories, outdoors – in small groups as well as for the entire class. Dedicated time like the reading hour - is specially devised to develop the love of reading and assimilating on their own and exercise choice in reading material. Extended time is given during lunch time for collaborating on projects that may be dependent upon interest groups irrespective of age/grade the students are studying in. Learning support specialists devise individual education plans for students needing challenge and support, in consultation with other teachers and experts. Conversations amongst students and interaction with the teachers and experts in safe and structured environment give them the time to develop better communication skills and confidence in navigating through various situations that they come across all the time in their student life, preparing them for future environments and encounters.

We ensure that each of our students from all the grades get many opportunities in the year to organize as well as make presentations in the classrooms and school assemblies, participate in debates, elocutions, multi sport event – Sarvajeet Diwas, school annual day showcasing their talents in music, movement and theater– Neevotsav. Publishing blogs and newsletters on the events and activities, while at it.