About Us

Neev, started 15 years ago, with the vision of creating a new benchmark of excellence in education in India. We now have five preschools and Neev Academy - a full continuum IB school with an option of middle school ICSE. Neev is a learning community of 1000 children and 200 teachers. The next leap for us is the IB Diploma program. This new pathway for our children to successful choices of colleges and careers in India and abroad continues our quest to change the definition of education excellence, now for children from 2 yrs (entrusted to us in diapers) to 18 yrs (ready for making life choices).

The poet who said education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire, inspires Neev. A fire that lasts a lifetime, a fire that is built on rigor, and a fire that manifests itself in self-confidence and creativity. There are 3 forces shaping education today - globalization, brain research, and the digital revolution. In a rapidly globalizing world, where value moves from resources to knowledge to ideas; a world where joining the dots is as essential as the strength of those dots, we strive to achieve that to equip our children to be prepared for the changing world of tomorrow. A good school is one that blunts weaknesses, builds on strengths and has inspiring, capable teachers. This is the kind of school that Neev is set up to be and aspires to stay.

Neev is an intellectually challenging, creatively vibrant, and diverse community of children and teachers, set up to meet the needs of a changing India - with the return of neighbourhood schools where children don't have to make the tradeoff of 2 hours of commute for 30 minutes of sports, schools which move beyond either/or, focusing on academics and creative thinking, recognizing that what has helped some of us succeed as global Indians will not meet the needs of our children in a rapidly globalizing world, where value moves from resources to knowledge to ideas; a world where joining the dots is as essential as the strength of those dots.

Our Philosophy 

At Neev, we believe children need to be prepared with skills and attitudes to help them become active participants in an increasingly complex, globally connected and changing world.

Our mission, our practices and our constant improvement in curriculum is driven by the needs of ‘Today’s child’ and thus our learning and teaching approach is underpinned by following five guiding principles.

Being Local before Global

International refers to the perspective of the world’s constituent parts, nations, states and their relationships with each other. “Global” refers to the perspective of the planet as a whole. Sharp distinctions between the “local”, “national” and “global” are blurring in the face of emerging institutions and technologies that transcend modern nation states. New challenges that are not defined by traditional boundaries call for students to develop the agility and imagination they need for living productively in a complex world. Today’s child needs to be local first, then Global. This would help them bring what is unique to oneself to the rest of the world.

 Multiculturalism versus Multilingualism

Understanding the local is about geography, history, identity, politics, culture, arts and much else – including Language. As part of the global child - Learning to communicate in a variety of ways in more than one language is fundamental to the development of intercultural competence. This is not just about mother tongue, regional or foreign languages –-intercultural understanding involves recognizing one’s own identity and reflecting on one’s own perspective, as well as the perspectives of others; it's about evaluating critically many beliefs, values, experiences, forms of expression and ways of knowing. The goal of understanding the world’s rich cultural heritage. Today’s child needs to be able to communicate with that complex world.

 Understand the working of Today’s World

Children today need to understand the working of the world – understanding the science, technology, humanities, arts and math of the world around us. Anything they choose to do, in whichever field they choose to be will only be successful with that deep understanding from any one or more of those sources of understanding the world. Children need to understand how the world functions today, the changes happening around the world that will define what tomorrow looks like – before being a part of tomorrow.

 Balanced Development

Today's child is about balanced development – the recognition of the 3 pillars: Academic excellence, critical thinking skills and Personal social and emotional development. It's about the fact that happiness comes from many sources – learning, friends, family, identity, questioning, thinking, having broad knowledge and also specific expertise having the right attitude - zest and perseverance, motivation for learning. Today’s child needs to be local first, then Global. This would help them bring what is unique to oneself to the rest of the world.

 Individualized Development

Individualized development – no two children are the same, there are many kinds of smarts – given the right input for development of skills and confidence, each one will succeed.

In this changing and increasingly complex world and the changing need of today’s child – how might we rethink learning?

These facets of today’s child are like paired forces – they pull and push – and it’s our job to work in a balanced way to develop on all sides with the right perspective.

Our Culture 

Neev is committed to create and maintain an environment where all students have a sense of belonging and feel safe. We promote a working and learning culture that stimulates and supports children to be confident and fearless. Neev values diversity and recognizes that different children bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge and culture; and that differences bring great strength to our school community.

We communicate to our children in a way that is clear, relevant, respectful, accurate and timely. We exemplify transparency and constructive dialogue.

The bond or the connection we have with children is the most powerful "tool" that builds self-awareness, relationships and knowledge. We believe when children feel good about themselves; it's easy for them to inculcate core values - grit, honour and grace. It is these core values that Neev seeks to teach children through teachers who are their role models and demonstrate these values through their thoughts, words and deeds.

At Neev Academy,

  • We are committed to creating a practice that focuses on the needs of the child, where every member of the school community maintains a child-centric outlook through their work, their disposition and their interaction with others.
  • We strive to foster an environment where leaders support their team in defining short term and long term goals. Passion and hard-work is what enables us to respond to every challenge.
  • We are committed to teamwork, collaboration and a drive to excel with a growth mindset, where learning has no boundaries and where failure is seen as a stepping stone to success and a reason for perseverance.
  • Members in the Neev community are rewarded for their long term commitment, their work ethics and ability to treat everyone with respect.