International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Neev Academy gained its authorization for the DP in 2017 with its first IBDP batch commencing in 2018 and graduating in 2020.

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is for students aged 16-19. IBDP has become a symbol of academic integrity and intellectual promise. The program is widely recognized and often preferred as entry criteria for universities across the world. With the growing interdependence of the countries, it is highly appropriate for students to enrol on a course that fosters understanding and appreciation of different cultures around the world. Additionally, in the past few years, the number of students completing the IB and applying to higher education institutes in India has grown substantially.

The IBDP at Neev

What really prepares children for life choices?

The IB Diploma, a two year rigorous Grade 11 and 12 programme is structured to be the best 2 years in the learning journey of the child. We believe the unique IB Core of CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) combined with critical thinking course TOK (Theory of Knowledge) lead children to being rounded human beings, able and willing to consider the impact of their choices and actions, and are truly the heart of Diploma programme.

Our commitment to being a full continuum IB school comes from our belief that the IB Diploma is a preparation in the school years for making choices, not only through college, and careers, but life. The IB Diploma program gives children a unique opportunity to convert interests into passion, into learning and work choices, into choices for life.

Our strong team of high school teachers will guide and mentor children through these various IB diploma choices, through the rigorous timelines, all the way through to colleges and life beyond. We dream that children remember their time at Neev as a wonderful learning journey; we now add to that dream a hope that children remember the Diploma years as the time that brought everything together for them.

Why DP at Neev

  • City Centre Location
  • IB Experienced Inspiring Faculty
  • Broad Range of Subject Choices
  • Pre - DP Course
  • Merit Based Scholarship
  • Extensive Extra Curricular Activities
  • World Class Infastructure
  • Modern Labs designed by Waldner

As we launch the IB Diploma programs first batch starting July 2018, we recognise that many children may not have had the early exposure to IB that children at Neev have had. We recognize this challenge and propose to support new students with a pre-DP course and Creativity,Activity and Service - CAS Boot Camp for integration and skill building, besides strong coaching.

Subjects offered at Neev

Full Diploma students choose six academic subjects, either 3 subjects at higher level and 3 subjects at standard level or 4 subjects at higher level and 2 subjects at standard level. Each of the 6 subjects is marked on a scale of 1 grade (minimum) to 7 grade (maximum).

Neev offers a host of subjects to match the aspirations of our students so that they can navigate the many pathways of college admissions. While outcomes are important, we believe that the subject choice is what makes a strong college applicant and our college admissions process will help in discovering good matches between students and colleges.

The full list of subjects offered at Neev is available here.

More information is available on the IB website for parents and students.

Other useful information


Curriculum Brief :

Language and literature

Language A: literature SL >> HL >>
Language A: language and literature SL >> / HL >>

Language acquisition

Language B SL >> / HL >>
Language ab initio SL >>

Individuals and societies

Business management SL >> / HL >>
Economics SL >> / HL >>
Geography SL >> HL >>
History SL >> / HL >>


Biology SL >> / HL >>
Chemistry SL >> / HL >>
Environmental systems and societies SL >>
Physics SL >> / HL >>
Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL >>


Mathematical studies SL >>
Mathematics SL >> / HL >>


Theatre SL >> / HL >>
Visual arts SL >> / HL >>
Film HL >>

The core

Creativity, activity, service
Extended Essay
Theory of Knowledge